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“When Will You Speak Excellent English?”
Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes
“When Will You Speak Excellent English?”
When Will You Speak Excellent English?
“Be A Fantastic English Speaker”

Do you feel embarrassed when you speak English- because people don’t understand you?
Is your pronunciation bad?
Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak?
Do people have trouble understanding you?
Do they look confused when you speak English?
Is it difficult for you to understand native speakers? Do you feel frustrated because you still can’t understand English speakers easily?
You have studied English for years.
You read English well, but when you speak– you feel nervous, foolish, embarrassed, and shy.
Is it possible that you will never speak English well?
Next year, will you still feel embarrassed to speak English?
Will you still have bad pronunciation?
Next year, will you still make a lot of mistakes?
Will you still feel shy and weak when you speak English?
What opportunities will you miss- because you can’t speak English well? Will you miss getting a better job? Will you not make great new friends in other countries?
How will you feel if next year, you still can’t speak excellent English?
Will you feel disappointed- because you studied so many years but never succeeded?
Will you feel angry- because you tried and tried but still speak badly?
Will you feel foolish- because you failed again?
What is wrong? Have you wasted all of your study time? Have you wasted all of your English vocabulary? Will you ever speak English easily and quickly.
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